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Kyoto newspaper  2016 24 September  “Sprout” (text by Ryou Kawamura)

West of Japan newspaper  2014 12 March  “Culture Statements” 

Yomiuri newspaper  2013 23 May  “Attraction of Water Color” (text by Meiji Hijikata)

Kyoto newspaper  2010 20 November “It show the way of realism” (text by Madoka Moriguti)

Kyoto newspaper 2003 5 July “Sense of distance between the motif ” (text by Maho Fukagaya)

-Art magazine-

“BIJYUTUNOMADO” August 2021P,52-P,55 Top feature “Waza-ari in black”

“BIJYUTUNOMADO” May 2019 P,67(text by Meiji Hijikata) “Featured newcomers selected by   critics and curators”

 “Art Collectors” October 2018 P,14,15 Cover page description “Quiet passion single color aesthetics”

 “BIJYUTUNOMADO” October 2018 P, 51 P, 150  “Step up watercolor”

 “GALLERY” September 2018 P, 37  “Exhibition and artist”

“BIJYUTUNOMADO”  February 2015 P,143

“GEKKANBIJUTSU”  November 2014 P,38  “New century of black”

 “BIJYUTUNOMADO”  May 2014 P,51

 “Art Collectors” April 2016 P,17 (text by Makoto Ootagaki)

-Exhibition Catalogues-

Sukikei / NEW VIEW (issued June 26, 2019)  B5 soft cover 90P (illustration, biography P35-38)

Yoshimi Miyamoto -Formation from disappearance- (issued October 5, 2018)  Chrysanthemum version soft cover P48 Contributed by Meiji Hijikata Includes the main works of the Goto Memorial Foundation return home exhibition in 2018. Check here to buy.

Realism Art in Japan -Like magical power- (published in 2017 / Hokkaido Shimbun)  Soft cover P136 Illustrations, artist introductions P21,111,112

Attraction of Water Color –From Meiji till Today−(issued on April 12, 2013)  B5 soft cover illustrated, text P156-160

VOCA2012  (issued in 2012 / Ueno Royal Museum)  A4 soft cover illustrated, recommendation text by Makoto Ootagaki

8th Keiji Maeda Grand Prize Exhibition  Exhibition Catalog

Kyoto Art and Crafts New Star Selection 2007   Exhibition Catalog

Kyoto Art and Crafts New Star Selection 2006   Exhibition Catalog